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Get to know FCI Levadia fans!

FCI Levadia fans are the most passionate and united supporters in Estonia!

Everyone is welcome in our fan club, regardless of nationality or gender. When you enter the FCI Levadia fan sector, you can be sure that you’ll leave with many friends and in a great mood! Just like our club’s philosophy, everyone in the fan sector stands together for the same cause, and you can feel it throughout the entire stadium! It has become a tradition at home games to walk together from Kristiine Centre’s parking lot to A. Le Coq Arena.

While we actively support our team during home games, our dedicated fan army also organizes group trips to away games. Additionally, FCI Levadia fans meet outside of matches to spend quality time together and participate in entertaining competitions.
Do you want to join the coolest fans in Estonia? Feel free to approach us during games or get in touch with the community manager at lauri@fclevadia.ee.

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"The first fan groups appeared when Levadia played its home games in Maardu. A few football fans from the local Maardu community started to rise up and they started to be active fans. They gathered their full speed in the early 2000s when the club started to move their home games to Kadriorg Stadium. Many Estonian football fans still remember the pyro show, which was new for Estonian audiences. The club helped the fans to travel to away games at no cost. At the time, the club did not have its own webpage or forum. Sergei Mihhailov, who works at the Estonian National Broadcast at the moment, was the guy who built Levadia's first webpage/forum, where people could discuss the team and their performances. "

Moving to Kadriorg Stadium and better results inside and outside of Estonia helped to grow the fan group. The fan group reached 30-50 active fans, who supported the club in Russian language. Then there were formed fanbase leaders, who held the group together and joined the games together. As time went on, the fans and the club distanced themselves from their biggest rival FC Flora. Sometimes there were collisions between the club's fans. At the time, the pyro show was new for Estonians and the "Maardu Ultras" did something that was new and fun in Estonia.

In 2018 club hired Serbian coach Aleksander Rogic, who wanted to reach a higher level with the club. He asked the club to do everything they could so Levadia's first team could play its home games at A. Le Coq Arena, which has better conditions. It gave a pretty big drop in Levadia attendance numbers and the community as a whole. The new homeground and location did drop the attendance, but it also changed fans generations. Every year attendance has been on the rise.

Now people can see full of energy and young people in Levadia's fan sector, where all of them support the club with songs and chants. Recently, there has been an even bigger fan section when Levadia plays against Paide, Flora or Kalju. In the fan section, there are FCI Levadia youth players, their families and ordinary fans all together.

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Frequently asked questions

Where FCI Levadia plays its home games?

FCI Levadia homegrounds are Sportland Arena and A. Le Coq Arena. We play our home games at the Sportland Arena in the fall period and when the natural grass is in good conditions, we play our home games at A. Le Coq Arena.

Where I can purchase tickets to Levadia games?

You can buy the tickets from our website "tickets" section before the match and at the matchday it is possible to buy tickets at the games as well.

How to visit Levadia home games?

We recommend to use public transport, bycycle, scooter or come by foot. We have parking spots around the stadiums, but coming with the car makes traffic around the stadium narrow roads. We also recommend to come early to avoid long queues and enjoy the match from the beginning until the end. Usually gates 1 and 2 are open when we play at the A. Le Coq Arena where the main traffic in and out of the stadium flows.


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