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FCI Levadia fans are the most passionate and united supporters in Estonia!

Our fan club has a place for everyone, regardless of nationality or gender. When you join the FCI Levadia fan section, you can be sure that you'll leave with many friends and in a great mood! Just like our club's philosophy, in the fan section, everyone is united for one cause, and you can feel that energy throughout the stadium! At home games, it's a tradition to walk together from the Kristiine shopping center parking lot to A. Le Coq Arena.

While we actively support our team at home games, the enthusiastic fan army also organizes group trips to away games. FCI Levadia fans also meet outside of matches to spend enjoyable time together and participate in fun competitions.

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The club's first fan group emerged when Levadia played their games in Maardu. From the local Maardu community, a few active fans began to emerge, gaining more momentum in the early 2000s when the team moved to play their home games in Kadriorg. Many still remember how Levadia fans put on an impressive pyro show in Kadriorg and loudly supported the team.

The club supported the fans' activities in every way, providing them with shirts, drums, and the opportunity to support the team at away games for free. At that time, the club didn't have its own website, and one of the fans from that period, Sergei Mihhailov, who now works at ERR, developed the club's website/forum. There, discussions about the team's games took place, and performance analyses were conducted.


Moving to Kadriorg Stadium and the team's increasingly better results outside of Estonia greatly benefited the already active fan group. The fan group continued to grow, reaching 30-50 active fans who mostly supported the team in Russian during that time.. Fan army leaders emerged, who kept the most active supporters together and seriously prepared for the games. The rivalry with FC Flora intensified, sometimes leading to clashes with opposing fans. At that time, pyrotechnics at the stadium were a new phenomenon, and Levadia fans executed it very well and energetically. The fan group was called "Maardu Ultras," and they were doing something new and interesting in Estonia.


In 2018, Levadia and FCI Tallinn (Infonet) merged their top league and reserve (U21) teams under the name FCI Levadia. Aleksander Rogic was appointed as the head coach. The team and the club significantly increased their level of professionalism, and A. Le Coq Arena became the stadium for home games. This initially gave a slight setback to both the more active fans and the Levadia community in general. The changed location and new home stadium initially affected the attendance numbers, but year by year, Levadia's audience has been on the rise. The move to A. Le Coq Arena for home games also naturally brought about a generational shift among the fans.


Nowadays, on the FCI Levadia stands, you can see energetic young players from Levadia and Infonet football academies, as well as families actively supporting their own. In recent years, especially during major matches, an impressive fan army has been created, who support their team with great enthusiasm and creativity. In the active fan section, you can also see enthusiastic parents with their children, and this is exactly what today's FCI Levadia fan section looks like!


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