FCI Levadia Family Day passed in a very fun and action full atmosphere! Over a two-hour day long family day was held for members of the Levadia Inner Community, who were able to participate in various precision shooting games and compete for different gifts! At the end of the family day, FC Levadia Coaches vs FC Levadia Youth played a match together judged by Lion Leff! By referee decision the match was won by FC Levadia Youth!

Juventus Academy and FC Levadia Football School organised a training camp, which took place 17.-21. of June at Levadia Maarjamäe Football Center. The coaches from Juventus Academy: Marco Palmeri, Marco Casella, Stefano Saviotti and Pieto Zamariola in collaboration with FC Levadia Football School coaches gave the youngsters a valuable experience to remember.

On the 24 of May 2019, an Sports Day was held in Levadia Maarjamäe Football Center for Kuristiku Gymnasium. Orienteering took place nearby the stadium as well as various football exercises done on the pitch, executed by SK FC Levadia Football School coaching staff.

On May 15, 2019, Maarjamäe and its nearby areas were active as the Merivälja Kindergarten held their Sports Days. The children had a decent, playful and full of fun activities day. A first team training was underway, but the players found the time to make a beautiful group photo as well with the children. Big thanks to Merivälja Kindergarten, as well as the first team players and of course great job by the great coaches of FC Levadia for making this a wonderful day full of positivity.

FCI Levadia First Team made a beautiful Mother’s Day gesture to all mothers and grandmothers by taking a 7-0 win over JK Tammeka in A.Le Coq on May 11, 2019! A little video of the beautiful ceremony that was held before the game!

On May 6, 2019, FC Levadia Football School in cooperation with the Estonian Football Association organised another Sports day for the Pirita Economy Gymnasium at Maarjamäe Football Center! Over 500 children attended the festival full of football!

Attackers Joao Morelli and Mark Oliver Roosnupp of FCI Levadia First Team gave a visit to the FC Levadia girls U17 team training at the FC Levadia Maarjamäe Football Center. The boys made different football drills and games together with the girls. After the training, the girls could also get autographs from the players.

FCI Levadia First Team players Aime Gando and Marek Kaljumäe attended a training session for young players at the FC Levadia Football Center at Maarjamäe. Have a look at the fun video clip of a common workout!

FCI Levadia First Team players Igor Dudarev and Artjom Komlov visited the FC Levadia Maarjamäe Football Center to have a look at the guys born in 2006, 2009 and 2010. Guys have some valuable experience for the youngsters and gave them a boost of confidence.

FCI Levadia First Team players Kirill Nesterov and Maksim Podholjuzin gave a visit to the FC Levadia Football School girls’ U11 and U13 training at Härma Stadium. The players visits always bring a lot of excitement and joy to our young footballers! A small video summary of what happened at the training is here!