Sergei Lepmets: I’m sure everything will be fine!

Sergei Lepmets, the first choice goalkeeper of the Estonian national team and FCI Levadia, trains similarly to other Premium League players on the basis of a personal training plan, but keeps his mind bright and in a good mood.

“People’s health and well-being are the absolute priorities. We hope that times will get better soon and that we will be able to play football again . I’m sure everything will be fine! ” said Lepmets.

Sergei, how are you and your family? Are you all healthy?

We are healthy, everything is fine with us! We live outside Tallinn, near Saku. We are at home, we spend a lot of fresh air and we avoid going to public places. Sometimes we visit our parents and close relatives.

What do your daily workouts look like?

I train alone. I run, and I also have a mini gym at home where I do strength training. I also go to the Saku health track and the outdoor gym. My wife’s brother has a boxing bag hanging at home, in the meantime I’m clinking it. I keep myself fit. The club have sent the individual training plans to all players.

Is it boring to train alone?

Of course it’s boring because football is a team game. I would really like to train with the team! All footballers especially enjoy joint ball trainings, but they cannot be done at the moment and there is nothing to do about it. You have to think about human health. I am sure that the situation will soon get better and we will be able to play football again soon!

What effect does a long training and play break have on the FCI Levadia team’s readiness to play?

We are all professionals and we keep ourselves fit. If we can continue with football training again, then all men will come to the field full of great enthusiasm and will. No-one will let the for drop.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemia, the Estonian team’s games with New Caledonia and Lithuania will be canceled. How did you receive this news?

Of course, I’m sad that the team’s home games will be missed, but I fully understand and accept the decision. This is the first time that everyday life has been severely disrupted around the world. Human health, safety and well-being are paramount. I am an optimist and I hope that times will get better soon! I’m sure everything will be fine! I keep my mind happy and keep my head up! New team games are coming and I can put myself to the test again.